August 5, 2007

Fancy new business cards

A couple of weeks ago, I spent an entire Sunday rethinking and redesigning our business cards and our whole line of packaging. (Chef Susan was a huge editorial help with these too!) It's both a bit daunting and very exciting to think about how you want people to see your business, and how quickly they form their opinions of you based on something so seemingly trivial as a 3.5 x 2 piece of cardstock.

As an artist or crafter, it's sometimes tough to figure out how to really get across your personality in a static form. At markets and shows, there's dynamic exchange with customers, and it's easy to convey so much information about who you are, what you're about, and how fantastic your work is in 15 seconds. In static formats (online, print, or even in boutiques), it's much more difficult (for me anyway) to imagine how to convey all of those things to a potential buyer.

It really got me thinking about how to present our work, what we want our image to be, and big showy concepts like "branding" (no less important for the fact that our work is handmade!) How do we see our work? Clean, colorful, fun, whimsical. So, with those ideas in mind, I put together our business card. Clean white background with a very clean modern font. Just the important information. All of the color is in the three photos of our goodies (chosen to show a range of foods, colors, and split between work done by Susan and myself).

Once designed, we had them professionally printed on glossy cardstock, which has this amazing feel in the hand (and looks great on the fridge!) It's a pleasure to hand them out, I really think that they convey what our business is about visually, and the professional quality of the paper tells our buyers that we take our work seriously and strive for the absolute best quality in our work. (Of course, I also spent an entire day on this, and am therefore probably quite biased, and definitely prone to overthinking!)

I also redid our hang cards for our work that is sent out to the shops that sell our work. We hope that any of you who see them in person really feel that a bit of our personality and a lot of our love comes through! :)

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