August 12, 2007

Inedible art: AnthroPoMorphCo

AnthroPoMorphCo has a very simple mission: to make everything your friend. That the vast majority of their goodies are friendly foods makes them all the more awesome.

The artist begins by creating hilariously expressive cartoons of various foods, and gives each of them a distinct personality and great name: Red light Radish, Too-cool Cucumber, No one Likes Broccoli. You get the idea.

Each character is then given life on various goodies, such as stickers, t-shirts, aprons, note cards, wine charms... you name it, she's probably got it. You can even make your own! She has patterns so that you can appliqué various humanized veggies onto pillows or backpacks, or wherever you need your Spud Muffin or Peapod Sisters.

She currently has three collections of food-themed friends (along with a collection of Holiday ones that are not foodie): Mental Vegetables, Gourds of Goth, and Drinky-Poos.

The Gourds of Goth are perfect for Fall and Halloween, or as gifts for your Cure-lovin', eyeliner-wearin' real friend or family member. The white pumpkin with the dark eyeliner is sheer genius. And how can you not love a name like "Baron von Butternut"?

The Drinky-Poos are a swank collection of goodies that you'd find behind a bar: Rocksie (ice cube!), Mara (a cherry), Piña (one guess), Olivier di Martini (a very swanky deboniar Olive- really, you have to see his eyes!), and several others.
You know you need a ring featuring a slice of pineapple for Ladies Night, or a pair of On the Rocks cuff links for a drink at the club.

What are we hoping for next? Baked Buddies. Friendly chocolate chip cookies, brownies, maybe a slice of birthday cake....


  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing this fun company!

  2. i am so honored that you chose AnthroPoMorphCo as the first featured inedible art! thank you SO much! i absolutely love the blog... in fact, i wanna eat it all up, even if it IS an inediblog!! compliments to the chefs... ;) xo!

    p.s. thank you for the love, krazy kate! :)