September 10, 2007

"meat is the new cupcake"

A thank you to McYarnpants for including us in her fun meaty treasury on etsy. This is a hilarious collection of t-bone themed things, from a Hungry meat plushie, to a steak shirt. And of course our really serious steak earrings.

The treasury itself is pretty hilarious, but the curator's comment on her treasury truly deserves to be archived here for posterity:

McYarnPants comments: "It's crazy isn't it? I truly believe that meat is the new cupcake. As far as cutified food is concerned, anyway. I wouldn't want to finish off a nice dinner with a chocolate-frosted steak... or would I?"

So, you heard it here first (after the treasury, anyhow): meat is officially the next cupcake.

(Click on the image to see a larger version.)

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