October 21, 2007

All kiwis great and small

One of the best vacations our family took was to the incredible country of New Zealand. We were lucky enough to see one of their adorable kiwis (the reclusive, elusive, and endangered bird), as well as see and eat a ton of fresh Chinese gooseberries. If you've never had a pavlova, we highly recommend the antipodean confection- cream, meringue, and a ton of fresh fruit.

While we were traveling through New Zealand, we were inspired to put together a gourmet kiwi bracelet. Lots of tiny kiwi charms, and a bunch of colorful glass beads individually wrapped onto a sterling silver bracelet. We loved the design so much that we re-created it for our etsy shop.

We were thrilled today when we noticed that it is featured in a great treasury curated by EliNOpus. Doubly thrilled that she also features a great print of a kiwi (the bird). Click on the image for a closer look at all of the goodies she selected.

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