November 28, 2007

Sweet treats treasury and new photography!

The holiday season has arrived. And with it, fun treasuries dedicated to all sorts of delectable holiday goodies.

But before we get to that, we are really excited about our new photography! We have finally started using a light box and our digital camera to its full potential. And we're pretty excited about the results. One of the new photographs is to the left; the peppermint studs in their full glory. For a comparison, the original photo of the peppermint studs can be seen in the treasury below. Not bad originally, but vastly improved nonetheless. Slowly but surely we'll be updating all of our photos.

On to the sweet holiday treasury curated by MelissaVest, a seller who has delightful goodies. She's included all manner of holiday treats. The gingerbread man looks especially enthusiastic, and those cupcakes from FatDaddyBakeshop look incredibly tempting. Somehow the ones at the grocery store just don't call to me to same way anymore, having seen FatDaddy's. Click on the image for a closer view of everything.

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