October 14, 2009

Tiny Food Burgers

Curious to know how to make your own tiny burgers? We made a video showing you all the steps!

Before you watch, it's helpful to have the following ingredients already assembled on your work surface (all clays are Premo unless otherwise noted, and a ball is a smooth sphere of clay):

1/16" ball white
1/4" ball ecru
3/8" ball ecru

Burger, Cheese, & Tomato:
1/4" ball burnt sienna
3/16" ball cadmium yellow
3/16" ball cadmium red

3/16" ball translucent
1/16" ball light green (* we usually use Sculpey III Granny Smith)
1/8" green

Tools & Other materials:
raw sienna artists' (soft) pastel
double-ball stylus (small tip)
headpin (2", fine gauge)

Have fun customizing your own burger! Maybe you prefer your lettuce on top of your patty, or your patty to be square. Or get really creative and add mushrooms or onions on top!

Tiny Burger Recipe Video


  1. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial. I don't have any polymer clay around, so instead I used my putty eraser instead! I had no idea you could use pastel chalk to decorate the clay.
    I'll have to test it for myself!

  2. @Anne-Marie: you're welcome! So glad you enjoyed it and picked up a nifty new trick!