May 2, 2011

Cupcake class- supplies list

I'm so excited to be teaching a cupcake charm class May 9 at Etsy Labs in Brooklyn! The in-person class might be full, but no worries- Etsy will set up a live stream demo of the class so that anyone can follow along at home.  I'll post the link when it's up. Yay!

I've put together a supplies list so that you're all set and ready to go for the class next Monday!  You can probably find the clay and the tools at your local craft store, but in case you can't, I've included links to my favorite polymer clay supplier,

For the clay, a little goes a long way.  If you're just getting started, you really only need a couple of packages for the basic colors.  My example cupcake only takes 3: burnt umber (chocolate color), white, and cadmium red.

For the tools: you can substitute a clean regular paintbrush (small is better), a straight pin (for sewing), and a straight razor blade for the fancier versions below.  Most likely, you already have these around the house!

* Clay
Premo ecru:  1 2oz block
Premo burnt umber: 1 2oz block
Premo white:  1 2oz block
Premo translucent: 1 2 oz block
Premo cadmium red: 1 2-oz block
Premo orange: 1 2oz block
Premo cadmium yellow: 1 2oz block
Premo green: 1 2oz block
Premo turquoise: 1 2oz block
Premo purple: 1 2oz block
Premo black: 1 2oz block

Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS):   2oz bottle
               Clay softener: 1 bottle  (right under the TLS picture on order page)

* Clay Tools
               Microbrushes:  Ultrabrush MHU-10 regular (black ones): for applying liquid clay

               PRO Kemper needle tool (texture)

* Jewelry supplies
Headpins:  I like the 2” silver-plated brass ones for classes (480 should be enough to make a bunch of pieces)

Needlenose pliers for jewelry making

Nail clippers (just the regular kind you can find at any drugstore; they're great for wire cutting.)

* Clean-up
               90% rubbing alcohol
               Paper towels or very clean white cloth rag (NOT flannel or anything fuzzy)

* Work surface
               8" x 8" plain white ceramic floor tile (should be easy to find at any hardware store)
               parchment paper (for baking; not crucial, but helpful)

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