August 21, 2014

Tiny box of macarons

I'm obsessed with macarons in real life- little crunchy-soft bites of intense flavor and cream filling.  What's not to love?  Plus, they're gorgeous to look at all laid out in colorful trays.

Naturally, a box of macaron miniature needed to happen.  The first version has six macarons in a rainbow.

Cute, if perhaps a bit different than what I'd normally choose if I were assembling a box of macarons for myself in real life.  So, naturally I fell down a macaron Pinterest black hole (the best sort of black hole, really.)

And the extra 16 flavors of macarons pictured above are the result!

Top row: pistachio, key lime, blueberry chocolate, lemon lavender
2nd row: mocha swirl, caramel chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut butter chocolate banana
3rd row: birthday cake, vanilla bean, orange creamsicle, neopolitan
4th row: strawberry chocolate, pink lemonade, strawberry, raspberry

What flavors did I miss? Which ones would you add to a little box?

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