June 26, 2007

the briefest of introductions

It somehow seemed wrong to start our inediblog without some sort of introduction as to who we are and what this is all about. (Even if what I really want to do is get on to the good stuff such as radish earrings, the fig necklace, and other goodies.)


inediblog is the chatty counterpart to our business, inedible jewelry. Inedible jewelry is a really serious collection of hand-sculpted miniature food charms fashioned into whimsical jewelry such as the aforementioned radish earrings, fig necklaces, and steak cuff links.

We, the chefs at inedible jewelry are sisters, and have been creating our miniature goodies for over 16 years apiece. We're still just as food-obsessed and thrilled with miniatures these days as we were when our Barbies were being overfed. (We still suspect at least a few of them had some serious eating disorders- how else could they have maintained those wasp waists with all those cupcakes? We certainly weren't training them for marathons.)

To see a sampling of our goodies, visit our main website at inediblejewelry.com, or check out our new etsy store: inediblejewelry.etsy.com

We're always creating new treats!

Now on to the good stuff....

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