June 26, 2007

radish earrings

Months ago, we had a fun custom request for a pair of radish earrings. We're perhaps a touch too biased towards the dessert foods, so we're always happy to create things that are healthy. The customer received her earrings, and was quite happy. We didn't think much of the whole process (lots of people order random foods) until last week, when a new customer requested that we re-create the radishes for her.

So, we happily re-listed the radish earrings for sale, sold them to another happy customer. And were immediately contacted again. This is fantastic, but we were a little perplexed at the sudden passion for the radish. Veggies are generally not high on our best-sellers list (although the avocado earrings are fairly popular as well, even if they are technically a fruit.) We seem to sell a lot more cupcakes, really. And radishes are not the most obvious of vegetable.

And then, it all became clear! The new Harry Potter movie is coming out in a few weeks (July 11, yes, I did bother to check!), and one of the characters, Luna Lovegood, has a thing for radish earrings. A-ha! One cannot arrive at the opening night of the new Harry Potter movie without radish earrings, can they?

We have now added them to our regular inventory, so if you need some radish earrings of your own, they are listed here: radish earrings If this pair sells out, check our store- we've most likely re-listed them.

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