July 24, 2007

Greek foods bracelet

We really love custom requests here at inedible jewelry. They are invariably both real challenges (so we learn a lot), and come with great stories. (We're suckers for great stories.)

This request came from a man who wanted to give his wife something really special for their one-year wedding anniversary. Their favorite restaurant is a little Greek place, so he wanted some special Greek foods on a bracelet. Five goodies adorn this bracelet. We made them like a meal to be shared (this was an anniversary present, after all!)

1. First we have the Greek salad- crunchy romaine lettuce, with fresh feta cheese, tomatoes, and kalamata olives, all in a white bowl.

2. A plate of toasted pita and hummus. Mmm, even garnished with a bit of parsley.

3. A plate full of dolmades, with lemon slice garnishes. How can you have dolmades without lemon?

4. A big bowl of lentil soup, with a bit of parsley garnish there too. The soup was by far the most difficult charm to create- each little lentil was hand-sculpted, and the tomato-based broth took an eternity to devise!

5. And that little wine bottle in the center? The vintage is 2006, the year they were married.

Finally, there always needs to be dessert! So, we added in some little pistachio baklava earrings to complete the set.

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