July 4, 2007

Custom pies bracelet

We truly love custom orders here at inedible jewelry. One of our favorite orders of all time came this year a bit before mother's day. Our client wanted a gift for her mother. The story behind this one is great!

When "mom" was a little girl, she and her sister loved to look in the windows of the local bakery at the little individual-sized pies they had there. They never had enough money to afford pies of their own, and they knew it was wrong to steal them. So, instead, they would sometimes sneak in and take little tiny bites out of the edges just to get a taste. To their minds one little bite wasn't stealing, but one can only imagine the baker's frustration at finding all those nibbled pies!

We created this bracelet with five little pies, each with a tiny bite out, to commemorate the story. The five pies are: pumpkin, cherry lattice, peach, blueberry lattice, and apple, each accented with a topaz Swarovski crystal and wrapped onto a sterling silver bracelet.


  1. Cute!! Looks very yummy, too. :)

  2. this is one of the neatest things i have seen! my mom would love this!

  3. The baker probably just put dough over the bitten parts! (-: