August 9, 2007

mentioned elsewhere

We periodically cruise the internet checking to see who links to our shop or a specific goody that we've created. Somehow we've become classed as "new indie designers." This sounds flattering, and very hip, even if we're not sure what it means. :)

Nonetheless, we need to give a big thanks to the people over at nolestyle for linking to our etsy shop on their "new indie" page. It makes us feel cutting edge and cool. (Even if most of the time the reality of being an "indie designer" is coffee, more coffee, creating til the wee hours, paperwork, emails, filing, and putting packages to mail together. I don't know- does that still sound hip?)

We spent some time cruising through the remainder of their site, and they have some really cool taste- a tasty mixture of established and newer designers with a huge range in prices. We'll be very excited when they do a review of our work. We can't wait to see which of our goodies they are especially drawn to (are they cupcake people? sushi? burgers?)

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