August 9, 2007

Yeah toast!

There are people with the coolest collections out there! This pair of earrings was a result of someone looking for a gift for their sister, who collects toasters. How could we resist the tiny pieces of toast as accents on these?

I'm especially happy with the stylin' lines of this classic chrome toaster. There's nothing fancy here- two slots, a lever, a deco black base. Very 1950s.

And of course, made complete with the toast. (What else besides white bread would really do?)
Elwood would be proud of the selection.

"You want anything on that toast?"
"No, ma'am, dry."

This pair of earrings also has a theme song: The Toast Song, by Heywood Banks. You must see this video! Really, we couldn't possibly top this song in clay form even if we tried. It's a masterpiece. I mean, the man is playing a toaster with two forks. The lyrics are brilliant. He's wearing a purple jacket. How can you beat it?

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