August 10, 2007

For Gentlemen Treasury

One of the coolest features on Etsy is the ability to make curated collections of other artists' work. These collections are known as treasuries and feature a dozen items (plus 4 alternates, invisible to the public) all gathered together under some kind of theme. At any given time there are upwards of 222 treasuries, and each treasury only lasts for three days at most. So, it's neat to browse through them to see what kinds of new goodies people have found on Etsy. And to see how people put together lists.

The general idea is to feature work by other artists, so it is incredibly flattering to be included in a treasury!

The admins at Etsy pick their favorite treasury every four hours or so and put it as the front page of Etsy. We were lucky enough to get onto the front page once (with our avocado earrings), and the views on those skyrocketed as a result. It can be great exposure.

We are in one in the moment that is themed "For Gentlemen." I've taken a screen shot of the treasury and posted it below, since they are ephemeral. Click on the image for a closer view.

I especially like the theme of this one, since there is frequently the complaint that everything on Etsy is made by women, for women. We beg to differ!

I think my favorite item in this collection is the astro turf cuff links. Genuis.

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