August 10, 2007

Massive quantity of bacon

Yesterday was a day of serious tiny bacon-making chez Inedible.

This bacon frenzy was precipitated by three events in close succession:

1. We ran out of bacon and eggs cuff links.

2. Chef Jess's Mr. Inedible (a moniker to which he objects, but it will stand until I can think of something better) has made a brave foray into the world of home bacon curing. You can check out how to make your own bacon (complete with a photo gallery!), on his blog.

3. We received an awesome custom order for bacon earrings. Since bacon alone would have been a bit fragile, we put it into cast iron pans instead. (This was the brilliant suggestion of our client!)

I am especially happy with how these turned out. The bacon fat is perfectly translucentish, the cast iron even has teeny pour spouts, and the whole thing just screams "I love bacon." This outcome was, of course, the intention, since these are intended for a serious bacon-lover. (Note to bacon-lovin' woman: I have a wonderful friend who could be your soul mate, especially if you also enjoy the outdoors and hate invasive species.)

Finally, I have to link to the photo that served as the model for these earrings: thank you Chef Jess's Mr. Inedible!