August 14, 2007

Most important tool for crafting

Someone recently posed the question "what is your most important tool for your art?" and it got me thinking. Far and away, I'd have to say that the most important tool for any artist or crafter has to be their imagination. No imagination, no art. Sure, you can make an exact copy of other work, but that really isn't quite the same thing as creating your own.

The next most important tool? Coffee. Definitely.

Some other tools that I think are crucial for any crafter or artist (particularly ones who sell their work):

1. patience
2. a thick skin (you have to be able to work through criticism, especially from yourself!)
3. the ability to budget (even in the face of fabulous supplies)
4. a willingness to innovate, push boundaries, and learn new techniques (especially if you've found something that works- stick with that one thing too long and you'll eventually stagnate)
5. good public relations (nice, but not too nice)

I know there are lots of others, and I'd love to hear your comments and additions to this list.

I'll certainly update it, as well as start a list that is specific to making tiny food. Many people seem fascinated by how we create them, and it would be fun to share some aspects. (But not everything- we've got to keep some tricks up our sleeves!)

Finally, I have to share this treasury about coffee that was created by 22301828 (click on image for a closer view!):

We owe her a big thank you for including two of our goodies, the coffee lovers bracelet, and the coffee earrings. (Personally I am also drooling over that coffee sugar scrub, since I use a sugar scrub every day to get all of the clay off of my hands.)

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