August 15, 2007

coolest food treasury!

We had to share this one with you all! We adore pretty much every single item in it. Plus it was created by a local group, The Richmond Craft Mafia, a pretty awesome group of crafters based in Richmond, Virginia, and host of the Spring Bada-Bing show.

(Click on the image below for a closer look, and read to the end of the post for links to all of the items!)

I'll go through row by row (brilliantly arranged by the four meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.)

In the first row we have a fantastic painting about breakfast (part of a breakfast, lunch, and dinner series by the same artist; all of them are adorable.) Next, a cute little felt egg tart. Finally, a print that basically represents me each morning (and afternoon, and about 9pm....)

The second row features cute little screenprinted lunch totes, a very enthusiastic pb&j sandwich iron-on transfer, and a whole felted pretend lunch (although frankly, there really need to be three chocolate chip cookies in a proper lunch.)

The third row has a hilarious little felt dumpling, our Chinese take-out earrings, and a gorgeous handmade set of sushi plates.

The fourth row has a cute bracelet with polymer clay cookies, a kid's cupcake apron, and the most fantastic cookie-holding felted squid ever. Cleo Dee is a great company, and we'll have to feature them sometime soon on Inedible Art.


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