August 22, 2007

what's cooking: August 22 2007

I love the idea of weekly features on a blog. On Sundays, we have Inedible Art, featuring other artists who love food and use it as inspiration in some way or another.

I'm thinking that Wednesdays should be What's Cooking. This feature will detail what we're working on this week (although we will certainly be sure not to give away any super-secret custom orders for birthdays, holidays, or other gift-giving occasions!) It will be a fun way to preview our newest goodies, see what we're up to, perhaps see some pieces in progress (much depends on my ability to remember to take photos while it is still light out.)

This week we have a small raft of custom requests:

1. custom red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a gold star decoration (see photo above)

2. slices of white bread with the following toppings:
a. peanut butter (creamy)
b. strawberry jam
c. grape jelly
d. nutella (here's a fun page of random nutella trivia)

3. cucumbers
4. bunch of asparagus
5. bowl of chili
6. plate of salad as a pin (no dressing, definitely no olives)

7. mojito earrings (with mint and lime slice garnishes)
(this one looks lovely but weak, this one the perfect color, and this one just plain delicious)

8. martini earrings
9. beer stein necklace (amber ale, with a very foamy head)
10. strawberry cheesecake

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