August 22, 2007

Rock lobster

We're always asked how we come up with our ideas. Well, we like to eat. And cook. And listen to 80s music.

Which is likely the genesis of these two pieces. If you haven't heard it, the B-52s did a great song back in the day* called, yes, "Rock Lobster." The video is classic earlyish-80s random clips of old planes, boats, etc. interspersed with footage of the band doing silly things (the B-52s being known for their seriousness), and dancing collages of lobsters and clams. Fun stuff! The outfits alone are worth a look, not to mention that it's a great song.

Our contribution to the rock lobster category is two-fold: first, the bright red whole lobster charm. And, second, the lobster dinner cuff links, complete with lobster tail, lemon wedge, and generous helping of melted butter. Because what goes better with lobstah than buttah? You know you know someone in Maine or who works at that national chain who needs these.

*"The day" refers to a time when things were much cooler than they are now, which is always a little before everyone else got there. Everyone has a "the day," but theirs is always cooler than yours. In this instance, I was working on learning my first word when the song was originally recorded (1978) and Chef Sue was 5 years from being born, so take it with a grain of salt. :)

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