October 23, 2007

An interview!

Yesterday we got a very warm and fuzzy feeling when Angela over at angelasgiftnook on etsy asked whether she could interview us for her blog. She published the interview lickety-split, and you can head over to her blog to read our interview!

We have to say, despite the fact that it was a written interview, it really doesn't get any easier to not feel really silly and awkward answering questions intended for publication. It was even worse last year when we were interviewed on camera for a local tv station. The reporter was lovely and very sweet, the cameraman friendly. No matter that we had already answered her questions two times apiece, the moment that camera came up level with our faces, we both blushed up a storm and froze. Forget deer in the headlights, jewelers faced with a camera is even worse.

Is any of this meant to discourage further interviews? Not at all! We're really very social and talkative. It might help, though, if you're so stealthy about your interview technique that we don't even realize it's an interview. And if you bring along a couple of nice glasses of Viognier or perhaps two really well-mixed Cosmos, that wouldn't hurt either.


  1. Aww... thank you for posting about your interview on my blog. I'm exactly the same way.

    BTW, I think you did great!!!

  2. Congratulations! Your work is fantastic, I always love to look through your shop. Those drink earrings are so cute!