October 24, 2007

A well-traveled avocado

One of the coolest aspects of creating tiny food jewelry is seeing where pieces end up. Packaging up an order to send to Norway, or Japan, or Louisiana is always a treat; it's a step closer to traveling to new and fabulous places than simply reading about them. Our little goodies, and our handwritten notes will actually be held and enjoyed by some real person in a far-flung locale.

Of course, sometimes the journey a piece takes to its final destination is more circuitous than others!

Yesterday we got an email from one of our favorite people, telling us that she had just received one of our goodies in the mail from Europe! Perhaps this does not seem so surprising. However, consider that the avocado began in Virginia, was sent to Europe, then sent back to the West Coast of the US. Surely this is the best-traveled avocado we've ever encountered! It must have logged well over 8400 miles (check out this cool interactive map distance calculator!)

Aside from the wonders of a global marketplace, how did this journey happen? Our friend belongs to a very cool online community that is all about exchanging themed packages in the mail. We'd never heard of it until she mentioned it, but the idea behind Swap-bot is fantastic. You specify your likes and dislikes (these can be incredibly specific, and a lot of fun to read), then are partnered with a buddy for a swap. There is generally a theme (cupcakes, Secret Santa, $10 and under), and a budget, and you each assemble nifty little packages to send to the other. Each of you gets a cool surprise package in the mail.

In the case of our well-traveled avocado, someone purchased the avocado from us, we sent it off the Europe (with a slightly wistful sigh, no doubt!), the purchaser received it and decided to include it in her swap package with our friend. So, bundled anew, nestled among a variety of other treasures, our avocado made its way back to the US, and nearly all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

If only we logged as many miles seeing the world each year!

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  1. Ha! That was me! Swap-bot is awesome and you never know what you are going to get in your next package of loveliness. This swap had to be extra special and my partner had listed inedible jewellery as one of her favouriite things. I also happen to be addicted to etsy and all the amazing people who create such unique things, so the choice was easy. Send her something inedible, I also bought myslef a few little chams. So now you have another huge fan, all because of this swap! Thank you