October 10, 2007

National Popcorn Month

That's right, folks! October is National Popcorn Month. The month to celebrate delectable explosions of starch. Yum! We love popcorn here at inediblog, and have a serious running debate as to the best method to prepare it. (The real stuff, not the charms!)

Chef Susan maintains that the only way to create real popcorn is in a pan on the stovetop. Pour in enough cooking oil to just coat the bottom of a saucepan, put in three kernels, then turn the heat up to about medium. When the three kernels have popped, the oil is sufficiently heated, and it's time to pour in enough kernels to just cover the bottom of the pan (about 1/3 cup, although it depends a bit on the size of your pan.) Let the kernels pop, pour them into a bowl, and enjoy!

Chef Jess loves that method, but is amazingly good at burning the popcorn that way. She does still have an affection for microwave popcorn, but given the recent medical concerns over microwaved popcorn, she's trying to perfect the stovetop method.

Regardless of how the popcorn comes to be popped, it's delicious accompanied by a nice tall glass of orange juice. Sounds weird? Try it! It's delicious. Popcorn is also surprisingly tasty with plain m&m's (something about the contrast of salty and sweet, chocolate and butter). Chef Jess's Mr. Inedible swears by popcorn with brewer's yeast and tamari (very savory.)

What's your favorite way to have popcorn?

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