October 12, 2007

Seasonal goodies treasury

Fall finally feels like it has arrived here in tinyfoodlandia. The back porch is covered in leaves from the neighbor's trees, the air is crisp, and I have an insatiable craving for pumpkin spiced lattes. All definite signs of fall.

And while most people, when asked what produce is representative of fall, would immediately answer pumpkins or corn, or perhaps even candy corn, we've gone for the slightly more unusual. One of our newest fruit charms is the pomegranate. Split open, and filled with tiny (individually sculpted!) glistening red seeds, these fruits are stunning.

We were thrilled this morning while checking etsy (spiced latte in hand, kiwi slippers on the feet) to see that our pomegranate earrings had been included in a new seasonal harvest treasury. This one is curated by greencircle, and has a lovely collection of fall goodies. (Click for a closer view.) Those whoopie pies look delectable, the cat with the turkey is pretty cute, and those happy stuffed candy corns are hilarious.


  1. These are great! It reminds me of the food district in Tokyo where restaurants got to get display food.

  2. I love your Etsy shop! The "inedible jewelry" is soooo cute. Cool blog, too! How can I add your blog to my blog (link it)?


  3. Pomegranates and popcorn are my two favorite foods -- in that order! How did you know?