October 30, 2007

Studio shot Tuesday

The lovely Ryan over at littleputbooks had the brilliant idea to have a weekly studio photo, no cleaning allowed beforehand. Since I finally remembered to take a photo while there was still decent light, I'll share our worktable in all its glory!

There are all kinds of goodies in progress on the table: lemons, cupcakes, key lime pie, sprinkles, and even some avocados in the distance!

The table itself is a fantastic huge tile-topped dining table that can easily seat 8 (when not covered in tiny food, that is!) It was a gift from a generous friend who was moving out of state. I can't imagine working on any other table- the tile is always nice and cool, and it's easy to see flecks of dirt that are just waiting to integrate themselves into the white clay.

As a gratuitous cute pet photo, here's my rescue Siamese cat, Olivia. She's not very helpful, generally, but she is very sweet.

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