October 30, 2007

When life gives you lemons... treasury

We love lemons. There's something so refreshing and fundamentally happy about anything lemon. Perhaps it's the sunny color, or the tart flavor, or the fact that virtually everything made with lemons is just delicious and fun. If there is one tree that will eventually force me to build a greenhouse, it would be a Meyer Lemon tree. Imagine: fresh lemons year-round! And that lemon blossom fragrance. Delightful.

We were thrilled to see a fantastic new collection of lemony goodies this evening, curated by TeriPersing. She included our lemon meringue pie earrings (which are a ton of fun to make, incidentally!), as well as a bunch of great lemon-themed items. The lemon-lime apron might need to find its way to my kitchen, and those lemon drop earrings look exactly like lemon custard. I'm nearly out of soap, so the lemon soap by daisycakessoap looks especially tempting!
(Click for a closer view of all of the items.)

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  1. I love what you do! Great looking blog, too!