October 15, 2007

Take-out and fortune cookies

When we are at shows, it's crucially important for our customers to have a box or a bag to carry away their new goodies. Sure, we could have a simple paper bag, or even a colorful baggie with a handle and maybe a stamp with "I love food" on it. All cute ideas.

But we're about food, fundamentally, and what could be more appropriate than a Chinese take-out box for our packaging? It fits our work perfectly along with a business card, and everyone laughs when we hand them their box. Plus, it's so much fun, our customers can simply add a tag and a ribbon and their goodies are already gift-wrapped!

So, inspired by our packaging, and our love of Chinese food, we created these fun take-out box earrings. They are complete with a little moveable wire handle, hand-painted red pagodas, and the sides and top even have the fold details like the real boxes. They come with little fortune cookies, just like the real thing!

Interestingly, the iconic box was originally used in the early 20th century as a pail for oysters, since it is mostly waterproof. Only a bit later on was it appropriated for use as a to-go container for Chinese food. You can read more about oyster pails on the wiki page devoted to them.

We were thrilled that our earrings have been mentioned on another blog. You can read about fortune cookies, and see lots of other cute fortune cookie goodies here. Thanks Tootsie and Grace for the mention!

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  1. Anytime :) Your stuff is so cute! And thank you for the recognition!