October 13, 2007

Candy corn

Candy corn is one of those iconic foods that represent fall, at least here in the US. Colorful and fun, it is also strangely compelling food. When there's a bowl of candy corn out, it's very difficult to resist taking a few pieces. Some people absolutely adore the slightly honey-vanilla flavor (in the good candy corns), while many other people just find it cloyingly sweet and unbearable. Either way, nearly everyone takes a piece when offered. And even if you can't stand the stuff gastronomically, it is fun to look at.

Apparently, candy corn has been around as a confection for over 100 years (originally created in the 1880's). A nifty little history of candy corn can be found on the National Confectioner's Association page dedicated to candy corn. I'll dig around a bit more and see whether I can find some photos of early candy corn production in action- it must have been quite a sight to see the three layers being individually poured by hand to create the finished candies!

On another note, we're thrilled to be included in a recent candy corn-themed treasury, curated by Analiese (a fantastic polymer clay artist- so it's doubly complimentary to have our work chosen!). I love how she's arranged her treasury to mimic the actual candy, and her selections are delectable. (Click for a closer view.)

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