November 1, 2007

Cupcakes take the cake mention!!!!!

One of our favorite foodie blogs is Cupcakes Take the Cake, dedicated to all things cupcake. Seriously, we read the blog religiously and salivate over the photos on basically a daily basis. So, imagine our supreme delight when we discovered some really familiar cupcakes featured! Thank you guys, it made our week to see our cupcake charms on your blog! :)

If you'd like to see our complete collection of cupcake charms, check out our flickr set dedicated to them, the cupcake charms page on our website, or our cupcake charm listing on etsy.

(Did this post really need that many exclamation points? Heck yeah!)


  1. Is that a cupcake on a ribbon for a necklace?:)

  2. It is! And wow- this is an old post! :) I should write one on how our photography has changed over the years. Early days= a scanner, if you can believe it.