January 25, 2008

New photos and cuteable!

Online, photos are everything! (Well, that and a decent sense of writing, but that's secondary to the photos.) So, our big goal this year is to kick our photos up several notches. The main idea here is that our photos should really better capture the detail of our work, as well as capture your attention among the teeming hordes of other stuff for sale. Particularly on etsy, where the competition is fierce.

I've built the light box (yes, white foam core board *can* be used for something other than science fair projects!), and begun pushing my camera to really perform. I've been pretty pleased with the new photos thus far- the detail is crisp and clear, and the light nice and warm. A teensy bit of photo editing on a few of them is needed, but otherwise what's coming out of the camera is what you see here.

The next decision will be whether to move from our traditional white background to something with a bit of color. Here's an example, with the black forest cupcake:

As further encouragement to improve our photography, we were thrilled to log on to our Flickr account this afternoon and discover that our pink sprinkle donut stud earrings have been featured on cuteable! If you're not familiar with it, it's a fun blog that features all manner of cute and fun things. Definitely drop in and browse around. Where else will you find a hand-knitted dessert cactus featured?

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