January 29, 2008


Our newest cuff links: sardines in tins. These strike me as the perfect cuff links for anyone living in a huge city, or working in cubeland.

Susan is the sculptor behind this pair, and I personally think they're one of the most incredible pieces we've done. The detail on the fish is great- the fins, shimmery scales, even the little eyes and mouths! I am extremely happy with how the photo came out as well. There is no substitute for natural daylight- it just has a warmth that artificial light can't reproduce. This photo is one of the first that I feel has really captured how our pieces look in person.

I don't have any great sardine stories per se, but they always remind me (I wonder why...) of Sardinia. I've never personally been to Sardinia, but one of my favorite films is about the island. The film is a documentary called Tempus de Baristas (Time of the Barmen), and is about a family of goatherds (and hence goat cheese makers) . I strongly recommend it, although there is one scene where a goat is killed that is a bit tough to watch. The movie was made by an anthropologist looking at how a young man deals with the conflict of choosing between the traditional way of life (becoming a goatherd) and the more prosperous way of life (going to hotel management school and training for the tourist trade.)

The film is very observational and meditative, and amazingly novel-like for being a documentary. You'll really, really appreciate goat cheese and how much work goes into producing it.

I have always wondered what became of the family in the film. Did they continue with the goats? Has the son gotten married? What are their lives like now?


  1. Ooooh, almost makes me wish I liked sardines- can just imagine a tiny tin of sardines hanging off a dangly earring.

    Movie is going on my list of things to watch one of these years. May have to hide during the scene the goat gets killed- my soft spot for goaties runs very deep.

  2. These are great! Thanks for the heads up on the Etsy front page I have wrote about it on my blog & have mentioned you there with a link to your Etsy store.