February 28, 2008

Enjoy life sip by sip treasury

I'm a huge fan of breakfast, particularly the coffee course. There's something really nice about being able to wake up to lovely spring sunshine, set the electric kettle on to boil, pop a couple of slices of bread in the toaster, and just enjoy the results. Maybe a little sudoku and a crossword, light blog-reading or maybe flickr-browsing while sipping on the coffee and munching on the toast. Ahhh.

Of course the flip side is that I'm not particularly functional without my cup of coffee. This fact was driven home to me last summer, while Susan and I were setting up for the market early one morning. We had set everything up, and I had sat down in front of my work tray to assemble some pieces while customers were slowly starting to browse the market in the early morning mist. I discovered that I had been staring at the same collection of beads and charms for several minutes, and had no idea what I was meant to do with them.

Looking for some sympathy, I turned to Susan, "I really need a cup of coffee- I've been a complete mental blank for five minutes."

"You know, they say that caffeine addicts' brains aren't fully functional until they've had some coffee."

Long pause.

"Wait, what?"


Note to our market customers: for good service first thing in the morning, talk to Susan.

In keeping with the breakfast theme, thank you to betsy3 from etsy for curating a lovely treasury, with a great message about taking it slow!

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  1. Mon dieu I love those little toaster earrings! This is all making me so, so happy. :-)