March 2, 2008

Happy March!

January, February, and March is our "off season", the time when we are (in theory) a bit less busy than usual since we don't have the market every week. Somehow January and February have evaporated, and we're now in March!

On the up side, this means that summer will be here relatively soon, and with that limeade, sunny mornings, and all of our market friends.

In the meantime, March means all kinds of shades of green. Avocados, limes, olives, key lime pie.... We're even planning some new salad pieces! Or if you need a little liquid nourishment, perhaps a nice frothy pint o' stout, complete with a shamrock is right up your alley.

We wanted to thank silverofthevalley for putting together a delightful "sublime" treasury featuring all kinds of lime deliciousness. It's such a refreshing and fun collection of green pieces. One of each, please!

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