April 3, 2009


The market season begins again tomorrow morning (yay!), and that means that we've been taking care of all sorts of little details for the beginning of the season. New menu, new table signs, change, take out boxes, even some actual inventory! The first market is always a little chaotic behind the scenes, trying to remember everything (bottle of water, some almonds, pliers, craft show apron). Subsequent weeks are a breeze, since it's back to being routine again, and everything is in its proper place.

So, packing up the inedimobile this afternoon, I made a most unwelcome discovery. The inedimobile is a minivan (yes, cool people drive minivans) perfectly arranged with all of our show gear. I headed out to put the first load in, hit the unlock button on my key chain. No reassuring thunk of opening locks. Hmm. Try again. Nada. Dangit, I thought, I swore I wouldn't let this happen a second year in a row!

Yes, I had neglected to drive the minivan since the holidays (cool people evidently only drive minivans when going to shows, ahem), and the battery was thoroughly dead. Not mostly dead. Utterly so.

I did what every crafter does in this situation: googled how to jump a car battery. I can never remember the order to attach the cables. I ran across the best named site for this sort of thing ever: The Art of Manliness.

So the inedimobile is now officially back in full working order, and ready to flit from show to show from now til December!


  1. This is one of your groupies! Glad to see you are up and running this year and I informed my groupie pal that you are in the process of publishing a book!! We're very excited about seeing you guys and have plans to get an autograph copy ;)

  2. Hello groupie! We'll be at the Ballston market this summer in June (I'll publish our show schedule for this summer sometime this week), and we can't wait to see you guys again!