April 8, 2009

Taking over Brooklyn one piece of tiny food at a time

We are ecstatic: we just found out we were accepted to Renegade Craft Show in Brooklyn! We consider Renegade to essentially be the Ivy League of indie (ie: self-representing artists with a DIY bent) craft fairs. The great (and difficult, for us) aspect of juried shows is that the organizers try very hard to ensure a good diversity of kinds of products. Jewelry-making is a very easy craft to pick up, and there are a lot of amazing jewelry designers out there. The net result is that jewelry generally ends up being the most insanely competitive category in any juried show.

I spent all day Monday (the day the notifications went out) reliving my college application process: hitting refresh every 5 minutes on the email, just in case that might speed things up. Right around 9pm, the email finally arrived. I held my breath as I opened it, then did a fair amount of jumping and yelling when I realized (two sentences in) that we had been accepted!


So, if you're in Brooklyn this coming June 6 & 7, stop by McCarren Park and check out the show! We can't wait to see which other artists made it in, and to meet a whole new crowd of people up in NYC!