August 10, 2014

Gracias a Generacion El Colombiano!

bandeja paisa miniature colombian food mini
inedible bandeja paisa!
This little dish is a bandeja paisa.  Bandeja paisa is the classic main dish from the coffee-growing region of Colombia, the historical Antioquia.  

It's a truly phenomenal amount of food:
fried plantain (patacon)
fried egg
chicharron (imagine a super-thick cut bacon, with the pork rind still attached, super pork!)
and an arepa (a thick corn patty that's somewhere between a thick tortilla and flat cornbread)

In short: an express ticket to a food coma.

We're so excited to be featured in today's style supplement of El Colombiano (a major newspaper in Colombia!), Generacion.  Muchas gracias y bienvenidos a todos!

My husband is originally from Medellin, Colombia, and we go to visit his family each year.  I became instagram friends with a Colombian foodie, Claudia Arias (foodies are the best people!), and the rest is history.


Click on the image to read the article. (It's in Spanish.)  The article is available digitally only to subscribers, unfortunately, so I can't link to a direct url.