August 12, 2014

Heirloom tomatoes

When we were growing up, our dad always planted a fantastic vegetable garden.  Each year, he'd pick one of us three kids and he'd plant radish seeds in the shape of our name. When the seedlings started to sprout our name would be growing there!  The fresh carrots, sugar snap peas, endless zucchini and squash were all delicious. It was the tomatoes, though, that were the real prize. Colorful, sweet, warm right off the vine.

For years, I'd been meaning to sculpt miniature heirloom tomatoes.  This year, inspired by my neighbors at the Charlottesville City Market, Broadhead Mountain Farm, and many many awesome food and farm instagrammers, I finally made some prototypes!  

These are the first three: a green zebra, a yellow pineapple, and a classic red tomato (not sure what variety!).  What other varieties should I make to flesh out the tomato rainbow?

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