June 26, 2007

fig necklace

This necklace started out as a custom order for one of my best friends. He was recently married, and he called his wife his "little fig." He wanted a tangible reminder of that sentiment for her for her birthday, particularly since he has a very demanding job that frequently keeps them apart.

Clearly, he needed a fig necklace.

So, I set to creating a luscious fresh fig charm. The delicate seedy inside bit was a real challenge, and took many hours to get just right. Once I had it, I had to decide- mission fig or calimyrna? I went with the more traditional mission fig upon serious consultation with my friend.

The necklace was finished with a pink Swarovski crystal for some sparkle, and attached to a delicate sterling silver chain.

He gave her the necklace for her birthday, and she loved it!

This would have been enough for me, but I was so happy with how the figs came out, I made several more and decided to list them for sale generally.

A lovely woman purchased the necklace on etsy, and a month or two later asked us whether it would be okay to feature it in a magazine devoted to sustainable living. The name of the magazine is, you guessed it!, Fig Magazine, and it is definitely worth checking out. We'll be featured there until the fall sometime when they feature a new artist's fig piece.

And if you need a fig necklace or perhaps fig earrings of your own, we'll be happy to oblige! The fig necklace is listed on etsy here: fresh fig necklace

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