August 19, 2007

Inedible Art: Kellarama

Kellarama makes the most hilarious food-shaped soaps we think we've ever seen. Created by artist Kelly DeVries from glycerin, coloring, scents, and other natural ingredients, these soaps will surely make your bathtub (not to mention your hallway bathroom!) a lot more fun. You know you need Peeps soap year-round! They even come as conjoined triplets, just like the real thing.

Or perhaps some cherry cheesecake? The cherries even look like they've soaked for an eternity in Maraschino, and become vaguely transparent as a result. Put a fork next to this one, and you'd never know it wasn't the real deal.

If she only offered dessert soaps, we'd still love kellarama, but what really distinguishes her work is the sheer variety of food options. With some serious Coca-Cola addicts in the family, we had to love the glass of cola soap. It even has ice cubes and a stripedy straw! This one would look great with some pizza soap.

Or perhaps you're more of a breakfast person? Well, she creates wasabi-scented fried eggs! You know you have a short-order cook in the family who needs these. They would be hilarious in a cast iron pan, next to the kitchen sink. (Perhaps she'll make some bacon soap to go with them?)

For those of you who prefer savory, she has shrimp soaps! We can only imagine these in one of those swanky Asian-fusion restaurants (you know, where the dumplings are $8 apiece), displayed next to each bathroom sink exactly as she has them photographed. Thankfully, these are scented with chai tea, instead of eau de Gulf Shrimp.

Finally, the pièce de résistance in her collection. After a lifetime of gourmet eating, you may find that you need a little something to help you along with your chewing. And for that, she has, oh yes folks: dentures soap! There are so many people who these would be perfect for: dentists, orthodontists, anyone needing a gift for a 60th birthday party, in-laws, me....

What does she need to create next? Well, certainly the aforementioned bacon soap. But honestly, anyone who can come up with green eggs and ham as a soap set doesn't need any help from us!


  1. is the phrase "wash your mouth out with soap" less of a threat when the soap looks so delicious? ;D

  2. Brilliant! How did I miss that one? :)

  3. Fantastic! Although I will stop at the teeth just in case my Grandmother visits and mistakes them for hers!