August 18, 2007

Our curated treasury made the front page!!!!


I was lucky enough to snag a treasury of our own to create (they are difficult to get- right time/ right place kinda deal.) Since it happened to be Julia Child's birthday the day I put it together, I decided to go with a whole kitchen/ cooking theme.

Here are each of the 16 items I picked, one at a time:

First, we have the awesome teacup ring by AnniePants. I adore the simple lines of this one, and the teeny spoon just makes it. Sterling silver on a custom-sized ring. She also sells matching earrings and a necklace in this style. Know any Brits?

Next up, we have the hilarious Breakfast Dragon print by nisfornate. The dragon needs coffee, is holding a spatula, wearing jammies, and is kinda slumped over a hot stove. But what really makes it? That's right: the bunny slippers.

Because good food can only be made better by great dishware, I added in some beautiful aqua-glazed plates by MSPottery. The combination of the clean lines, crackly aqua, and the unglazed white porcelain- wow! It makes me want new dishes.

There is something I love about this mixed (ha!)- media painting by ejwarhus. The texture of the canvas, plus the color choices, and of course the subject, all just come together. This would look so cool in my kitchen, above my real aqua mixer.

Another painting, expressing a sentiment I find myself so commonly voicing, whenever Mr. Inedible claims he does not want dessert of his own, then starts eyeing mine. Janet Nelson's painting perfectly captures my own disdain for sharing dessert, plus the lady has blue hair. Gotta love blue hair.

Next up is a very cool bar of soap by kellarama, shaped like cherry cheesecake. The cherries are kind of clear, the sauce is dribbly, and it's the same size as the real thing. It just might be a tad dangerous in the shower, first thing, before the coffee....

This fish bone cuff bracelet by jackiehaltom is absolutely incredible! Entirely hand-sawn from sterling silver, it also has an adorable expression on its little fish face. I'm not really a cuff person, but I want one of these.

We both adore these little felt squids from CleoDee. Her fish taco squid is the good-luck charm hanging from the rearview mirror in the Inedimobile. A fanged squid with a pink cupcake? Brilliant. And the little innocent eyes just make this one.

Every cook needs a great apron! This lovely aqua and white full apron by milliesaprons is both very functional (there ain't no marinara splatter gettin' past that one), and very stylish. Plus, the model looks thrilled to be in the kitchen.

Animals need inedible toys too! This hilarious catnip toy by Inquisitive is for truly discerning, international felines. Felted beef, basil leaves, and pho noodles, plus catnip. Pho-tastic! Mr. Inedible's cat definitely needs a set (pho addict that he is.)

Sometimes other cards just don't fully capture how you feel. This one by uccellocurioso lets your loved one know just how much you really care. They know how passionate you are about your food- let them know you feel the same way about them.

The egg pants by lizkin are the best egg holder I've ever seen. Ever. I mean, they make breakfast fun, and make your eggs look like they're about to rapidly waddle off the table and run away with the bacon and the toast. And they even stretch to fit your chubby eggs.

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