August 16, 2007

Two veggie treasuries

We were thrilled this week when we were featured in two treasuries dedicated to vegetables! A while back it was all about the cupcakes. Perhaps we're seeing a new healthy-eating trend in the works? :)

The first one was curated by FortCloudy, and has some really hilarious selections! (Click on the image for a closer look.)
I adore the "Aw Shucks" card- how can you not love food puns? Sudlow makes gorgeous peas in the pod earrings. Our little avocado on a ribbon was featured in this one.

The second treasury was curated by SadieandLeo. I love how certain pieces show up again, and yet how different the overall collection looks! (Click on image for a closer look at everything.)

The painting of the onion is lovely, I adore the expressions on the irked felted carrots with buttons, and the asparagus card is fun and fresh. She included our broccoli cuff links in this one. (A guy's gotta have his veggies too!)

Update: Woot! The second treasury made the front page!! (We didn't know this until it was too late- the broccolis sold before we could add a second pair, alas. But they sold, so yay!)

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  1. wow! you guys are really rocking the treasury lately! congrats on the front page!! :D